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Spice up your strap!


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Recently, while pondering stupid, cool things I could do to my bass, I came upon the idea of sewing junk onto my strap.


Right now, I'm comtemplating putting a pink or purple "Shelby" on the back of my strap so when I turn my backside (hehe) to the audience (if I ever get one), they'd be able to read "Shelby."


After thinking about that for awhile, I though about making a rainbow dealy strap. Very cool sounding.


Any other weird ideas for strap decoration that the lowdowners would like to share?

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Kinda funny you mentioned that. When I retired from the Navy, one of the commemorative things given to me was a small silver lapel pin (about as big as a dime) that has the Navy emblem and the words "US Navy, Retired" around the outer edge. I've kept that on every strap I've used since retiring. I also have one of my fiances' homemade earrings on there, too.


Personalizing the strap is a cool idea. I've seen some cool ones on occasion.

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My black guitar straps are customized with black gaffer's tape over the manufacturer's logo. Because logos are corny.


MMM... spicy!



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--Sun Tzu

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I made a t-shirt for my last gig.


'actual size'


(a TMBG tribute)


I think that electrical tape -- with your teams colours on it -- wrapped around the strap would look good.

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One of my straps was created by a collaboration between two women who hate each other.


A former girlfriend of mine embroidered stars on my jeans.


And my next girlfriend cut up the jeans and made a strap for me. (she didn't know where the stars came from).


So here it is:


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Mr. Bungle was an amazing live band-I saw them twice, and hung with them for a while after the second time. Nice guys. If I had no pin on my strap, I might opt for a Mr. Bungle pin.

But I have an Eraserhead pin, so I got that going for me. Good old Henry...






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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I'm the guy with the cheesy "Police line - Do Not Cross" strap on my bass. But I have started adding buttons just because I can. One of them is from an ex-girlfriend of mine--we met because I was teaching a Tai Chi class, and so she gave me a pin that reads "TaiChi." The current girlfriend doesn't know that story. I hope she never finds out.


I also have a button that says "Silence is the voice of complicity."


But I agree that adding too much to a strap would be overkill. Only so much "flare" I need.

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I have a leather strap that has a trucker girl and a star on it. Kinda looks like the Kappa logo girl.


http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?ItemID=24708&TempID=18&Method=2&CategoryID=0&BrandID=1558&PriceRangeID=0&PageNum=1&DepartmentID=0&DepartmentKeeper=&pagesize=10&SortMetho d=6&Word1=strap&Contains=%22%2Astrap%2A%22&Search_Type=SEARCH&GroupCode=nonetodaythanks


Thats it if you copy the link, Sam Ash doesn't like UBB code.


I'd use it more if I could get the freaking strap locks through it..I think some modification has to be done. This is a much cooler strap that this big fat black one i use now.

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