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heading back home


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been in jersey working for the last 7 months.job is finally over.Ive made alot of money,been through the freezing cold,bought enough winter clothes to fill the bronco,relieved alot of gas pains.(2 new basses,new amp).But im ready to eat some good spicy food & get back to having a life.So you yankies can have the north my southern ass is going back to the swamps in louisiana.
Rock-n-roll junkie
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Hi R.S.M.!


Way down yonder in New Orleans (or Mandeville),

In the land of the dreamy scenes,

Is a Garden of Eden,

You know what I mean!


Let's please try to meet (at least once) when you get back here!


... connie z

"Change comes from within." - Jeremy Cohen


The definition of LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity!



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I was actually working at an oil refinery in south jersey but i did hook up with some guys and played some sit in gigs at a couple of dives.


Yes connie for sure we can hook up

Rock-n-roll junkie
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