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Preparing for our first studio recording going GREAT!

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Hey, everybody, if the session in the studio goes even remotely as well as rehearsal did last night, we could get a half a dozen songs down in the allotted time (4-5 hours)! We intend to have at least that many ready... and five of them are my originals! We will have my assorted guitars, Tim's Taylor acoustic electric, upright, and Force electric basses, Kevin on the studio's grand piano, and Kelly on flute... Kevin may play hand percussion on one piece and we will have some chimes in there as well for a piece or two. Tim has been the front man in dealing with arrangements at the studio and he reports that the people there are very flexible and accomodating and have all but insisted that we meet them before going in for a full studio "tour" just to meet us and try to make us feel comfortable... I am getting really excited about this!! The music will be more "mood music" but not elevator music. Based on what I have listened to on their independent web radio station, I have come to believe that we do belong in the studio and I think we could "reach" a significant audience if our music was promoted and heard by enough people! I think the folks at the studio will appreciate what we have here!! Here is a link to their site... [url=http://www.dynrec.com]www.dynrec.com[/url] . I never thought I would have confidence like that before in music... :) Sure, there are a lot of musicians with more talent and ability and have worked harder at it and all that, but I have now come to terms with the fact that we can be enjoyed every bit as much in our own genre'! The band has certainly brought me a long way in this musical journey... I owe these guys so much... and you guys and your support as well! Thanks, everybody!! ;) Boggs
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Congrats, Boggs. Just think, after several projects, I STILL get excited everytime I go into the studio for a session. Live it up and enjoy yourself, but most of all, make some great music! Good luck...

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