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stereo to mono cable?


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There is a gig I play regularly and the monitor system they use is the aviom system. If you have not heard of it its function is a personal headphone monitor mix. bassically you dial up your own mix and hear it through headphones. For a sound engenier it is a great tool... no stage noise. For the musician on the other hand it is close enough to hell to make me not want to go there. the reason being, you become completely separeted from the rest of the musicians and for us bass players the bass signal itself is not that strong. It distortes very easily. Of course I have found ways of dealing with this by turning the bass eq on the aviom down but that takes away the punch I want to hear from my bass. As it stands I can play well with the system but it still leaves me wanting more. I definately play better when i can hear the bass and get the tone i want from it. which leads me to my question. I want to take the stereo output form the aviom and convert it to mono so that i can use my amp to power the signal and drive a monitor with it. So does anyone know where to get one if it exists?
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For going from stereo to mono, since you seem to be looking for quality, you may not be happy with a "Radio Shack cable" that combines the left & right signal into a single mono signal. When combining signals ("left & right", or maybe "tuba and clarinet" - whatever), the proper way is to use active electronics (usually an "op-amp" circuit these days). Just combining two signals (left/right, tuba/clarinet) by bringing the wires together will generally cause distortion.


You may be able to "cheat" if the stereo signal is really the same on both the left & right channels - use only one (take your pick). For this approach, you'd need to make your own cable.


Note: I'm assuming that you're getting the signal from a "headphone out" jack. There are issues of line-level (signal strength) and impedance, but I'm not qualified to comment there.

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