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I got to play for 10 000 people .....


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My band won a battle of the bands and we did a festival opening up for vince neil (motley crue fame) The promoter said that there were over 10 000 people in the crowd. It was the most awesome, awe inspireing, most adrenaline pumping thing I have ever done. this picture was taken up above by the local newspaper while we were playing. The pic didnt actually make the paper but the photographer posted the images on his site for me. http://www.gbec.ca/aerial.htm


bottom left 1 is us. I feel like such a rockstar. :D

THE ace of bass
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it's a religious experience, is it not?

biggest crowd i ever played for was with a famous Latin singer named Chayanne- it was a festival in Mar del Plata , Argentina- there were a reported 60,000 people , it was on the beach.. i actually wept when the show was over... it was unbelievable!

congrats!!- once the bug has bitten you, you will chase the high the rest of your life...

Praise ye the LORD.

....praise him with stringed instruments and organs...

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

excerpt from- Psalm 150

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for His glory

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I remember walking out after being introduced and almost having to sit down because I almost puked after seeing people extend almost into the horizon. We played one cover that day it was the white stripes 7 nation army, if you know the tune youll know that during the verses its basically almost nothing but drums and bassline. It was so cool to see 10 000 people bob there head up and down with me and my bass while playing the line.
THE ace of bass
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Originally posted by getz76:

Nice. Congrats...


I'm usually excited when I draw 50 to a club in NYC. :D

haha I was lucky to get 15 people to come to my shows!
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Congratulations bassarama! That is sooo cool!


The largest crowd that ever came to see a band I was in was 3000. It was a fantastic gig, we were in "The Zone" and the crowd was feeding it right back at us!That sensation is too overwhelming for words! It was truly one of the most profound moments of my life.


Cherish it brother! :thu:

Nothing is as it seems but everything is exactly what it is - B. Banzai


Life is what happens while you are busy playing in bands.

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