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Good Bassist


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Hey Doc -


New to me too (I NEED to get out more! :rolleyes: )


Thanks for the link.


I can hear the Stanley C. influences, (and it was nice to see him give credit) but he's added his own, too.


Cool Pics - Candy Dulfer, Stanley, J. Scheff...


I'm a little surprised he's not more familiar to us here... or maybe, like I said, I need to get out more!




Confirmed RoscoeHead

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Hi Jim,


I am sure there are a lot of awesome european players that we don't get a chance to hear. I found this by accident. There were a number of players on this site. The equipment was really well profiled and the players who test the equipment are top notch. Here is where I found it if you are interested.




Go to the J-Retro area and listen the the last MP3 - Willi plays some nice stuff.



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