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Reggie fans in the UK

Phoney McRing Ring

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Ok, i did'nt want to give this its own thread really because its only directed at the one reggie fan im aware of on this forum that lives in the UK and thats TShakazBlackRoots. However if there is anyone else out there this applies to please answer back.


Just wanted to let you guys know that while on my way back from a jam the other night i heard on the radio that the Skatalites (who i belive were big reggie pioneers, am i wrong? :confused: ) are currently on their European tour. The cheery radio woman then went on to say that the only UK gig they were playing was up here at the Carling Academy in Glasgow.


Now i know that its a big trip to travel to Glasgow from England(depends where in England i suppose) and i don't even know if your a fan however it was just to let you know.


Much love

Phoney :thu:

"I am just an instrument cos the lord is playing this funk"-T.M Stevens
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Great. Many of the original members passed away however, those that are left are still awesome. :thu:

If you can, do go for the show as The Skatelites are legends and pioneers of Ska which later produced Reggae.


Do edit your post: It's 'Reggae' NOT 'Reggie' :)

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