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I Need A Little Expert Help

6 stringer

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I'm not a bass player so I'm askin fer sum hulp.


I'm workin with a new kid who's just learnin his bass. He don' know nothin...ummm..not much anyway


But I luv this kid cuz he's already got 12 basses, all shitty ones...but he got 'em...That's committment.


Now he wants tuh learn.


Here's my Q's for you xperts here:


1. Anyone got charts I can download and print that shows all the names of the notes on a 4-string fret board? What about a 5-string? And a 6-string?


2. Anyone got fret board charts for 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string basses that shows all the notes of an A Major scale. (ie all over the fretboard)


3. Same q, only this time it's for a A minor scale all over the 4-, 5-, an 6-sting fret boards


4. Same q, only this time it's fer the A Blues Scale all over the 4, 5, and 6 strings


5. A MAJOR TRIAD shown all over the 4, 5, and 6 string fret board


6. A Minor Triad shown all over the 4,5, and 6 string fret board.


I figure that ought tuh keep the boy busy fer a while. Iffin yuh cun hulp me out, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks pards.

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There is a veritable cornucopia of extremely useful links and information over at Talkbass.com . There are links/information in that thread that answer all of your questions.


Happy hunting.


I can't even begin to comment on your utter annihilation of the Enlish language in your post.

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Yep. He really doesn't need fingerboard charts at all.


Teach him scalar finger patterns...have him practice ALL the scales, calling out the note names as he plays them. Force him to find another way to play each scale.


Write out the scales in music notation and he'll even learn more.

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Doesn't know how to play and has 12 basses? Whoa!


All the scales and such are good, but don't forget songs. The thing that will keep a new player interested is learning songs he likes and playing with a drummer, a drum machine, or other musicians.



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