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cab for my urb


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Originally posted by soupster:

hey guys, i was looking for your opinions on what kind of amp i should look around for. im up to 600$. ive got an ampeg ba115, will that do?

I'm not a big fan of fifteens for URB; they have a tendency to be woofy and slow, especially those with a big port that lets it hang loose.


IMHO tens are better, or a tight twelve (like an Euphonic Audio and similar box), even eights (I have old EA 2x8 cabs and hear the Ashdown 4x8 is nice). Their transient response seems better and less feedback-inducing than most larger speakers.


Obviously, there are exceptions and it all comes down to personal preference, and sometimes the woofier fifteen can counteract a particularly detailed pickup, like the Fishman BP100. The Ampeg is a nice unit, just wouldn't be my choice.

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Give it a shot. Use your ears. You should be able to tell if it gives you the sound you're looking for.


It does seem, like Bob G. has pointed out, that cabs that appeal to URBassists use smaller drivers than 15". However, in the end, it's a combination of the driver (one company's 15" is not the same as another's) and the EQ/amp. That 15" might work for you w/ careful EQing. And, then again, it might not...





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