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OT: MTV Movie Awards


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I read an article about the MTV Movie Award nominations today. Since when are these things halfway serious? I thought they were supposed to be irreverent and edgy and what-not. There are still some unconventional nominations, but who in the MTV crowd saw "Lost in Translation" or "Monster", movies that had nominations in one category or another? Forget the MTV crowd, most people would barely know about those movies were it not for all the Oscar talk.


Apparently the MTV Movie Awards are no longer good at being the anti-Oscars. Figures, since MTV isn't good at anything else.

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Originally posted by Social Critic:

I only watch MTV for the music videos!!!




Ooops, that was 1983.

we have digital cable, and i just realized like a week ago that we have MTV2 (videos on way more that MTV, plus less mainstream, sorta) and some other one, MTVH (videos 24 hours a day!!!.... holy crap)


but, i dont know, really, i mean, i dont really like alot of the stuff these channels play, id have to wade through to much crap


if you ever match up with these characteristics:


1)you are watching TV and want to watch music instead of some stupid reality show


2)you like hip-hop


do what i do: watch BET, they play videos quite alot! i mean yea, BET aint too 'underground', but i think that most modern mainstream hip-hop has more value than most modern mainstream rock (but thats a whole nother thread :P ...)


and if you dont like hip-hop.... sorry i cant help ya, youre stuck with eMpTyV :freak: ...





steppin in a rhythm to a kurtis blow/who needs a beat when your feet just go


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I have 4 channels.

I called to have cable installed in the house when it was built and the cable operator got snooty with me.

She told me I had to have it done.

I disagreed and I haven't had it or missed it since.

Double what we got o mr. roboto




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Ah, Real World! My daughter spends a great deal of her time living vicariously through that dreck.


Lets get six twenty-somethings that would, under no ordinary circumstances, have anything to do with each other (the bigot and the militant African-American, the homophobe and the gay, the drunken slut and the uptight religous one, the vain one with the big boobs and the sexually frustrated frumpy one), stick them in a two bedroom flat with all the booze they can puke, film it, and convince my daughter this is how real people live.


And for variety, that the same bunch of social outcast and stick them in an RV and call it "Road Rules"


And for more variety, put them on stage with the ex-mayor of Cincinnati and call it "Jerry Springer" :freak:


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn


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