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I just discovered this amp: Ampeg BA500


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Just going through Musician's friend:


-Ampeg B-2R Rack Head. runs at 350W @ 4 ohms.



-Peavey 410 TVX Bass Speaker Cabinet 4 ohm





I tried this amp once at GC im Manhattan with an Ampeg 410HLF cab, and a Spector 5 string, one of the Korean models. Seemed solid, and gave a nice, slight, breakup when cranked. The low end didn't seem too boomy or muddy. Mids and highs were just right. Definitely a good, rockin' compact rig that could handle any gig. I think the B-2R has a direct out of some sort, so for bigger stages, you're set.

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Thanks for the input guys. I hear you on the used market thing, getz76. I'm really happy with the used Yorkville XM50 I just got for $185 shipped.


Still debating on whether to get a traditional bass head/cab, high powered combo, or power amp/cab (Acme . . .)


For a long time I've been thinking about the Yorkville XM200 combos. Might be all I need. My only bass gig right now, actually, is playing at my church; my XM50 is working out perfectly for that.


What I probably ought to do is just keep saving up till I actually NEED a big rig.


Too bad I keep getting GAS . . .

Drum stuff, maybe an acoustic guitar, recording stuff, etc, etc. :freak:

"All the world's indeed a stage, and we are merely players..."

--Rush, "Limelight"

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It is too similar to the BA210 SP in my opinion to spend the extra 400 bucks unless you need every extra feature it has (graphic eq and extra power for ext, primarily).


Also, take a look at the SVT 350 specs and B2R specs. They look too similar to spend 100-150 bucks more on the former. The only diff. is that it looks like it would have tubes inside, but it doesn't!


- Germain

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