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Hey lowdowners. I've been trying to find a website where you can purchase equipment(basses,amps etc.) and that will ship to Canada. I want new stuff so e-bay isn't really an option. I've tried Musiciansfriend.com and zzsounds.com and a couple others but no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Originally posted by getz76:

You could support your local economy and take a look at Yorkville's current offerrings.


I own a Traynor guitar amp and dig it.

My first ever bass amp was a 1970s Traynor Bassmate YBA-2B that looked just like this:




Unfortunately it was far too quiet (fifteen all-valve watts!) to compete with a drummer though it did have a great vintage tone. The guy I sold it to uses it as a jazz guitar amp and loves it!


Modern Yorkville offerings well worth checking out include this monster of an bass friendly PA speaker cab:






400W RMS 15" neodymium speaker and 100W RMS 3x5" + 1.75" mid/high horn. 80lbs. Should blow away most conventional bass cabs if you want clarity, bottom and volume. And if you're willing to cart a mere extra 15lbs there's the 2x15" version:




And then there's their bass gear:




Nice 'little' combo.



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