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Ear Training

l Bad Religion l

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Hi |Bad Religion|

What Jeremy said,


Originally posted by jeremyc:

I would go to the nearest community college and take a course. You will be pushed. You will be in a room full of other people so that you have benchmarks to judge yourself with.


Yes, you can do this at home with software, but it's a lonely road and it will be hard to stay motivated.

I have tried on several occasions to get through the Home software routine, and I have never finished the complete course. :(

Good Luck :)

"The Blues is the Roots, and the rest is the Fruits"


Willie Dixon

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Without wanting to disagree with Jeremy who as an experienced teacher is better qualified to advise, I have found that I have been able to stick with a software course and my ears have definitely benefited as a result. I guess it depends on your degree of self-motivation. It's not so hard to spend 10 or 15 minutes a day doing this.


On the other hand, after I graduated as a literature student I confessed to my tutor I had barely attended a single lecture in 4 years as an undergraduate. He said "Yes, I immediately spotted you as the sort of student who just needs to be pointed in the direction of the library on the day you arrive and we can forget about you for 4 years".

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