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Great find! Rainy/Walter Woods connection???


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I've been thinking about getting a small/versatle cab lately. I've been lugging my 2-15 Acoustic 402 for a while and alot of time it's over kill.


So, as usual I stopped in at ***** ****** Music here in Hell Aye to do a little snooping around. Well, I found a real treat! Among the stacks of stuff was a single 15" with the name Chuck Rainy stenciled on top. There appeared to be either a JBL D-140 or a Gauss speaker inside. Mint condition. I tried the thing out and it worked great. It cost me... lets just say I've had dinner for more than this thing cost me! What a great bargain. When I got home I immediatly took the speaker out to see what I had bought. It was a Gauss 5440. I had a rig a long time ago with this speaker in it and it is INDESTUCTABLE. It has a double spider system in it. The demensions are 23"W 20"H 11"D. The wood appears to be birch and it's REALLY solid when you tap on it. Not hollow sounding. Here's another interesting thing about it. on the back it says


speaker cabinet 15BB

WOODS electronics Los Angeles.


Was this thing built by Walter Woods? Did he make speakers too?


Of course the first thing I pulgged into it was my WW MI 200 amp. It sounds soooo good!


I actually talked to Walter this week on the phone and we had an... uh... interesting conversation.


I've only spoken to him a few times since I bought my amp 12 years ago but I was quite impressed he actually remembers the contenet of our past conversation. He talks about "his" amps the way people talk about thier children. I know a few guys here in town who have WW's and we chatted about them. He can tell you everything about thier amp and the circumstance surrounding the purchase/history. Mine included!


If anyone knows of a Chuck rainy/WW conncection please let me know. I'm wondering if this speaker was used in sessions... wouldn't that be cool!??


I just saw James Jamersons upright bass on Ebay for $200,000 ( not a misprint!!!!!!) this speaker isn't quite in the same catogory but it still may have a bit of musical history to it... who knows!!!!!!!?

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I do too. In fact, he lives within 10 miles of me (unless he's moved.)


If it said Chuck Rainy it was either a mistake by the printer or a fake.


I will say this...Chuck gets a lot of high end equipment donated to him...some of which he doesn't need or have room for. He sometimes disposes of this in pawn shops or selling to guys he meets. (Last time I called him, it was because a friend of mine saw a bass labeled "Made especially for Chuck Rainey" in a pawn shop. It was a bass I knew he owned and I thought it had been stolen.)


Still, Chuck's equipment has a certain charm. His famous Fender was stolen and recovered by BIT students. He no longer plays that. He has many basses, but (at least when I knew him) favored his original Spector for a 4 string.


If the rig sounds good, it's good enough. I bought my Warwick directly from him, and although there is no proof, I know. That's enough for me.

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