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nuts and bolts


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i want to replace the crappy nut on my bass. i was thinking about going with a new graphite one. my questions are: how easy is it to remove the nut from its slot and put in a new one? what tools will i need to do the job correctly? how much will it cost me? is it easy enough that i will be able to do it myself, or should i find a luthier to do it instead?


P.S. what is a "piccolo bass"? i keep hearing about it and i have no idea what one is.

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Having someone else do it will probably cost $25-$50, labor and material.


You could do it yourself, but you're probably best off having a tech do it. If you're gung ho on DIY, have a tech do it and watch while he/she does it. Then do it yourself the next time.





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