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Fender active jazz (Mexican)


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Setting up a Fender isn't rocket science. Try communicating with your tech until you are happy with the setup. If there is something wrong with the actual bass, your tech should be able to spot it (i.e. incorrectly cut nut).

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Yes :wave: I have that bass, and I didn't realize how bad the action sucked until I got my hands on a bass that had an action that I really liked. Then I read up on how to set the string height and intonation. I went to work on it and it plays great. Every bass player needs to learn how to do this, IMHO :D , because when you change strings it can make a real difference in the action of your bass and the intonation, so you may need to tweek it in. Also, over time you taste in action set up may change and you can dial it in more exactly how you like it. :thu:



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