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I've been invited to sub!

Connie Z

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For me, this is super exciting. No money, but exciting none the less.


I got an email from a local guitar player whose band has a gig at a big block party on May 15, and they need a bass player. He had seen several of my many posts on local musician classified sites. It is my "rockin oldies bass player available" ad.


He had gone to my website and even checked out my original songs. He asked if I was interested in subbing for that gig. His band is playing directly ahead of a very well known local band. There will be lots of people at the party. His band plays a mix of oldies and soft rock-ish originals.


So last night, I went to the first of about 4 rehearsals we'll have. Based on my recent (yucky) experience trying to play music I'd never heard before ( as discussed in this thread ), I stated in advance that I'd need the set list, lyric sheets, chords and maybe a CD of the songs.


He kindly obliged by sending me the set list (28 songs) with the chords for most of the songs. I already had about 6 of the songs in my book of lead-sheets.


It turned out great. I was able to play everything we tried. I even learned most of "Birthday" by the Beatles, which I'd never attempted before, and it has cool bass riffs.


The players we had tonight were:





Female Vocalist



There will be two more female vocalists for the gig I think. They will be at the next rehearsal. I sang one song last night, but will probably sing a couple more, because the main guy likes to play bass sometimes, so I can hand it off to him.


They were very pleased with my playing and I was too. :D


It was my first time ever just sitting in with a totally unknown band, for the purpose of subbing in a gig. The singer and the two guitar players are part of the core band, but the keyboard player, drummer and me, were new. I was totally impressed at how good everything sounded. We need some work on starts and stops, but all in all, we rocked! We got through a little more than half of the setlist I think.


Yay! I feel so totally cool now! :cool:


Thanks for getting me to this point. You are all the best! :wave:


... connie z

"Change comes from within." - Jeremy Cohen


The definition of LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity!



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Mucho congrats Connie! You are on your way.

If your posts are any indication of your innate responsibility and natural desire and ability, many of us should probably be a little worried...








I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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Fantastic! You are growing and improving! That sure feels great! It is really cool to hear that after the couple's story! You should even thank them... :P You've sure found your way! :D:cool::thu:

"If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn"

Charlie Parker

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