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Anyone know anything about this luthier? Apparently they are big in Italy... but as I do not speak Italian... their web site was a little hard to follow. But the bass seems interesting (on ebay ). They seem pretty similar to the Turners with the controls letting you blend the standard pups and piezo. Intriguing...
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Originally posted by Matt C:

So I wasn't the only one who considered designing a balanced XLR output for the bass...

I think Alembic or Rickenbacker may have got there first. And didn't the Les Paul recording bass have balanced outs? And Wal as well.


My first bass (which is now my strange semi-custom (aka Frankensteinian) fretless) only had an XLR out, no 1/4" jack at all. However, to cause further confusion and cable nightmares it was unbalanced and high impedance. I replaced it with a Neutrik locking 1/4" out which is a seriously chunky piece of hardware.



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I spoke to one of their distributors in Atlanta GA. He said that they are trying to break into the US market. The basic xlr's are listing for around $4,200, but selling for more like $2,600. It will be interesting to see how this auction goes. I tried emailing the seller about the history of the bass, but havent gotten a response... hmmm...
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Either the February or March Bass Player magazine had a review of a Manne fretless 5-string. The review was pretty positive about the instrument.


You might also try contacting Manne directly with specific questions about this line of instruments. Even though they're Italian, I wouldn't be surprised if they were able to respond to an e-mail from you in English. However, I don't know if you'd get a response before the end of the auction.


Currently the auction is only at $765 with no reserve and two days left. Seems to me that there's a chance that you could win the auction at a reasonable price -- especially considering that Manne is fairly unknown here in the US.


Worst thing that happens is that you bid a reasonable amount for you, and win the auction, and then don't like the bass. If you win the auction with a relatively low bid compared to the possible worth of the instrument (i.e., if the dealer told you it'd sell new for about $2600, maybe a reasonable price used would be in the n'hood of $1500, and maybe you could win w/ a bid less than that), you might even be able to unload it thru a music shop and make your money back -- even after the store's commission.


Let us know what happens. Good luck. It does seem like it would be a nice instrument, but who knows until it's in the hands of the player!





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I was thinking about bidding on it, because I know that the guy at the local GC is actually trying to get some high end used stuf in his store, and is therefore offering good prices. But I am still a little worried about the circumstances, and Im not sure whether he would go for something so little known here in the states. Either way, I just purchased a Yamaha TRB-6P, so Im pretty well stocked at the moment. :P
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