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Happy Birthday Jack Casady!


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He is an Aries - This is a good thing...


I share the same birthday as Eric Clapton

( Aries )....he is a guitar player


and a wannabee bassplayer :D


( he can play bass with his small toe 10x better than I can ever dream of )



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I tend to think of him together with Phil Lesh.

They both have unique/recognizable tones and styles, came out of Northern California during the summer of love and can jam for hours on end.

I wonder how many hours jack played live for me during all those tuna and Airplane shows in the 70's- that I dont remember :D


I just listened to Hot Tuna's-"Water song" the other day- what a great instrumental tune.


Happy B-Day Jack

Check out some tunes here:


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Y'know, I have mentioned this before, but Jack is one of the true legends of the low end. A monster player whose lines are constantly inventive, harmonically and rhythmically challenging, yet purposeful and always in service to the song. Tone-wise he is one of the masters; his use of right and left hand dynamics and finger placement is like a textbook study of the capabilities and possibilities of our instrument.


He is, along with Misters Turner and Wickersham, greatly responsible for what we now call the "modern" bass tone (active electronics, advanced filtering of eq, responsive and "usable" amplification), as well as being one of the most thoughtful and profound scholars of the bass guitar. If you have not yet checked out Jack......do it!


For his b-day, I spent most of yesterday afternoon playing my Jack Casady Signature bass (which, btw, he had a great role in designing..and is a fantastic instrument as well!)



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