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The lowdown on Brice..?


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I am looking around for a cheap 6 string fretless (is that an oxymoron?) and came across the HXB-406 Brice bass on ebay. There is only one review on harmony, and it's a rough one. But the reviews of the other HXB series basses look pretty good (always considering the price, though). So anyone actually played a fretless from Brice? I am not expecting pro quality, I just want something to mess around on, but still has decent action (read: it doesnt have to be a "mwaah" monster).

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If you haven't already, you may want to compare prices with www.rondomusic.com, as they are the distributor for Brice.


I can't give testimony to Brice, but my wife bought me an 'SX' fretless ( maple 'board) p-bass copy from Rondo that I received recently. I wanted it only for the body (tobacco sunburst) as a project. I played it at home and thought it sounded pretty good for a $109.00 bass. Took it to the gig that night and realized that it needed some upgrades.


Chances are that you'll want to replace some things on an inexpensive instrument like a Brice, unless you just want a fretless 6er to dick around with at home.

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I got one of those SX Fretless basses, too...something cheap to learn fretless technique on...can't complain much, as I've never gigged it.


One of the P-copies is serving as the body for my Steve Harris bass...the only thing left will be the body and the tuners...

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