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Midi Patchbay Reacts Oddly to Patch Data

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I have a Roland A-880 8-in-8-out Midi Patchbay, and am using Cakewalk 9 on a PC as a sequencer. It seems that the 880 reacts to the sending of patch information from Cakewalk as it starts to play at the beginning of the piece. This reaction ranges from "lock up" to changing the connections (input and output assignments). The problem goes away if I force the patch selection to "none". This problem has begun since I moved my gear around, I now have some different wiring than before, but the setup is "working" in the sense that data from the sequencer is being played by the sound generators, and the sequencer is receiving keystrokes and recording them ok. The problem occurs even when using Cakewalk files which I played successfully using the same instruments before. Does anyone know why this occurs and how it can be alleviated?
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