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I hate to ask...Behringer T1954 Tube Ultrafex Processor

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So I guess these things are going for $199 now...at that price, I'm starting to compulsively twitch in the direction of my wallet. I don't really trust Behringer stuff out of principle, but this looks kind of cool...anyone have any experience with these things? Are they Chinese-built crap, or do they actually sound good? No digital ins or outs, I notice, which may also make its appeal a bit limited for me. Hmmm...Anyone? Ian D
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I have not used the 1954, but the 1953 pre is actually not bad at all - a good colorful addition to other gear. After some minor modifications it is rather useful. BTW, The whole 195x series is marketed as tube gear and just like some products from other companies, it is not "real" tube gear – still, if it sounds good, I can use it. Now, if B only could stay away from "borrowing" designs from other manufacturers for some of their products... /Mats


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