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New gig for me


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Hooray for me, as the new band at my school was formed I was chosen as the bass player. Tonight was our first practice together and it went really well. We'll be playing everything for school concerts and shows, with a concert this christmas and a production of "little shop of horrors" in the summer. It should be really interesting to broaden horizons and develop skills with new things and truly challenging myself.

Ok I'm done :D just thought I would announce so you can all be happy for me :P

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I actually felt a twinge of jealousy! I wish I would have been that together musically when I was in high school. Sounds like you are building a great foundation. Congratulations!



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Hey Invincible,


Great gig. High School music is sooo cool, and it sounds like you'll be doing a variety of music in different settings.


I am happy for you!




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