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Acoustic Amps


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Well, Ive discovered Harvey Gersts site. The Unofficial Acoustic Control Corp. Homepage


web page


Ive been lurking there pretty heavy lately. I have to say Ive been having fantasies of ordering a pair of 15s to resurrect my 106 cabinet (even emailed Dave at Avatar, good price!). Ive had it since I was 17 and played through it exclusively for 5 years till I finally blew it up. Right now Im watching a stock 104 cab (6x10) on eBay right now. There are still 3 days left on the auction I havent decided if Ill pull the trigger on it. I realize that there are better(?) cabs out there, but I am having a serious nostalgia attack(Acoustic 360mmmmmmmm)! My bass teacher had a 360 and a Cerwin Vega 18 folded cab, it was the first pro rig I ever played through.


Oh God! Im seeing blue!


So come on guys fess up, love(d) em? hate em,? still use em?

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More Acoustic players coming out of the closet!


I know that by searching "acoustic" on this site you will find many other topics, but you will find a few of us around here that play Acoustic gear. And in case you haven't seen him, Harvey lingers around the Lowdown sometimes.


My rig is a 140 head with 402 (2 x 15) cab. It has it's short comings, mostly in the tone control department, but is a very functional outfit. I bought mine from a friend who used it all through our high school years together, who bought it from a neighboring school district. The school we attended also had the same rig, so I'm guessing that there was a dealer in the mid 70's who made at least a few bucks selling this system to suburban schools as they consolidated.


That site is a great resource. I overlooked the catalog pages for the longest time, but have been able to find some of the spec's for my gear in there...

- Matt W.
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I use a 270 head plugged into two single 15 cabs stacked. Absolutely brutal, I could drop buildings with it. I recently did an outdoor gig with my Guild Maverick tube combo with built in 15 stacked on top of a single Fender 15 cab. The head is rated at 25 watts and for the first time in almost six years my almost deaf (old school Marshall stack kind of guy who always says he can't hear me) guitarist was asking me to turn down all night , Outside this is. Anyway I've had the 270 about 22 years and it will go to my grave with me. Paul.
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I've got a 150b that I bought in 1971. I still use it every day to practice and teach lessons.


It's probably been on for several hours a day continuously for 30 years.


I sold the cabinet years ago, and it's only been out of the house once or twice in the last 20 years or so (when my other amps were in the shop).


I still have the "Lifetime Warranty Card". Too bad there is no one to honor it.

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The Acoustic 360 amp model from the Roland V-Bass sounds and acts the way I remember them - at least when feeding a fairly-flat amp/cab or PA combination.


I use it when I'm wanting a quick route to one of the old-school sounds. Easy variations come from changing the DI/cab mix, or switching cab models.


Definite fun to be had : }

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I had an Acoustic 136. Not the best sound, but lots of it!! traded it to my keyboard player in '79. My cousin still has his Acoustic guitar head (sorry - can't remember the model).


I don't see myself going that way now, but they were well made and delivered the goods. A solid brand that was above most of the other stuff in their day.




Acoustic Color


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Got a 470 head, a 104 6-10 cab and a 406 2-15 cab. I stack that with my 2-12 Hiwatt combo with a line out of the 470 to the poweramp on my Walter Woods amp(600 watts bridged.. 7 lbs!!!!) and the plaster literally comes flakeing off the walls. No Kidding!! Next thing is to hook up my Vox folded horn cabinat and just .....vibrate!
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I have a 370 head, and it is still the best sounding solid state head I have heard for a lot of applications, and it even sounds better than a lot of tube amps. Heavy, though.

I used to run this head with an E-V 15" and a Hartke 4x10 (it was the 90's) and it sounded so good, it made people dance! (Thanks, Harvey!)

The aforementioned Acoustic site is a lovely resource...






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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I've always wanted a 370/301 rig. I liked these more than SVT's because they seemed punchier. There used to be a Acoustic dealer in town when I was a teenager, I'd go by and look and drool. Never had the cash to buy one though.

- Jon


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