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Hosting Concert as a Band Member, questions


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Hey guys and gals. As a very responsible person, in addition to a bassist, I have taken it upon myself and some friends of mine to host a concert with some local bands. It is this December, and will be indoors. The expected attendance (pay at door) will be in the range of 50 - 150 people. If you guys have any suggestions, that would be great for last minute things.


The main reason I started the thread was to ask for opinions on amplification. The room holds around 400 - 500 people, yet some band members and my friends planning the concert with me argue that combo practice amps should be enough. I suggested that because the room is not accoustically designed, that we should get a sound guy (a friend is willing to do it for free) and set up a small PA system so everyone can hear and so we will have sound if anyone's combo amps break. Comments and advice are appreciated.


Thanks. Germain

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I saw something pretty cool last night at a live show: they mic'd a small combo amp the performer brought, kind of like if you were to make a recording.

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We played a show outdoors once and we all had combo amps so we just mic'd them off into the p.a system and set everybodys sound up and we were load enough that you could hear us on the other end of town,run the band through a 100 to 200watt p.a and you'll be fine.
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I'd say if the soung guy is willing to do it for free take advantage of the offer. Help him haul his gear in and out and be thankful.


For a larger room like that I think you will get a better sound with some reinforcement. That doesn't mean that it has to be LOUD, just that it will probably be more balanced.


You also have a chance at a better monitor mix with everything miced up. At least it works that way for our band. Even if we aren't running it through the PA, we mic everything so we can get a good In-Ear Monitor mix.


You may also want to think about "backline" gear. That is, having a dedicated drum set, and bass amp at least, that everyone uses to help cut time between bands. Drummers bring their own cymbyls and pedals, and guiutar players almost aways want their amp, but you might want to have a couple there anyway.


If you know the bands playing, that is something you might be able to work out between you all before hand.

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Oh, how I miss doing those same shows. You may want to consider handing out (or at least offering) ear plugs at the door. That'd be the responsible thing to do. Why? No one will want to use practice amps. They paid good money for their garguantaun (sic) stacks and kits and want to show them off. Keep the mains away from the stage, otherwise there is too music sound eminating from one place. If possible, put the bass and vocals through the PA, use your discretion as to whether ot not the mic the bass drum, you probably won't need to.

Buy wristbands and make people put them on at the door. Find somebody to sell refreshments, but NO ALCAHOL- you need a liscense for that and if you were busted, you'd face a serious criminal charge.

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I'm gonna look at this from a few different perspectives.


As a potential audience member, I'd want to see a show. Something that's obviously a practice amp just doesn't do the trick; it's like Spinal Tap's Stonehenge set pieces. Performers need to get out of the "oh I'm 23 years OLD and my poor back aches" nonsense and be willing to put on a show for their audience. A quality backline does have an impact, folks!


As a potential organizer, I'd want to give my bands cool stuff to work with. If someone who is used to a full rig walks up and sees a little combo amp, he/she might not be psychologically prepped to give the best possible performance. And the alternative, each band spending 50 minutes setting up their own gear, would be silly for an audience of 150. So if you have a good rig available, get it there.


As a player, well.... who wouldn't want to be able to walk up and plug in to a nice rig?


And by all means take advantage ot the sound guy's offer. Onstage, you will not be able to hear what the audience hears.

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Originally posted by coyote:

And by all means take advantage ot the sound guy's offer. Onstage, you will not be able to hear what the audience hears.[/QB]

Unless of course you spent the $8000 on the new Bose PAS ;):D



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