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Proper reviews needed


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Yo Bass playing amigos!


Kinda new to this website - but already it has yielded an incredible amount of useful information to me. I am currently gigging alot with a band that are getting a little bit of attention. I have, at the moment, a very basic rig. I have some money set aside to upgrade - which I will need to do soon.


My question is this. I have checked through the search option on this forum and can;t seem to find any info on sites that offer honest and in depth reviews of equipment. Does anyone know if such a resource exists? A place that just stores information about products on line.


It would be great cos it would really help someone like me quickly check 'the experts' opinion against what is on sale in the shops. Using this site is great - but obviously dependant on A) whether the item has been talked about before and B) people responding tedious questions about the merits of the GT6-b etc


Anyways - any help would be appreciated!



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Try HarmonyCentral.com. The reviews are by users of the products, and tend to be pretty honest about how it works in a real environment, whether it be some guy who just plays alone in his bedroom to guys who have gigged 2 or 3 times a week for years.


They won't have every single piece of equipment, but they will have a lot.

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I'll third the opinion of BGRA...and if you look long enough, you'll see reviews from members of this forum.

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The biggest problem with reviewing basses (and to a lesser extent, ANY equipment) is that it's mostly a matter of personal taste. For example, at least some of you would not like the way my Fenders are set up - the action's fairly high and the strings are faily heavy. So if you were reviewing a bass set up for me, you'd likely hate it. But other folks like it higher than I do - I remember trying to play Dee Murray's Stingray one time - it felt awful. In the other direction, I can't make any useful noises on Vic Wooten's Fodera - the action is way, way too low. (All of a sudden this sounds like the story of the three bears...).


And the sound of a bass is at least that subjective - my three main fretted basses (a Jazz with round wounds and EMG "Vintage active pickups, a P Bass with flatwounds and passive pickups, and a Modulus 6 string) sound absolutely nothing alike. So how do I decide which one has the 'best' sound, or for that mater, a 'good' sound?

Sure, you can talk about build quality, but that's about it...

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As mentioned.....you might try posing your specific gear questions here.


There are many of us that have tried some gear and may be able to offer some real insights beyond the conventional review.


Give it a whirl.




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ok - since you asked!


2 questions


1) Always played my bass clean through my amp, which has a 5 band eq and a very harsh compressor. Want to start playing around with different ideas. Different sounds etc. Thinking of the GT-6B. Thoughts?


2) A mate suggested changing the pick-ups on my bass. In reality how much will this change my bass? I have single coil Fender jazz mex. I am looking for a good strong melodic tone with a little bit of bite to it. A bit like the dude out of the Foo's. If I should change the pick-ups - which ones?

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