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Jack Johnson bass tabs


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Hi leftybasschick,


Bas(s)ed on my farily extensive sampling of tab on the net, most of the people putting it there haven't played as long as you ; }


So, hey - get some lessons from a teacher who values both EAR-TRAINING and THEORY (theory helps one understand what the likely choices are when trying to nail down a line). And if they insist on tab RUN away as fast as you can. Real music notation as read by ALL types of instruments is so much more versatile, revealing, useful, and universal, and the people who write it tend to have more of a clue.


Always spend lots of time dissecting lines (not necessarily just bass ones either) and play them the way YOU think they are while you progress. Compare notes with other players, build your ear and learn to trust it (some people who ACT competent and assured are really not as good at hearing as they want you to think) -


and then just keep it up! You'll be too busy learning and in time playing and sounding good, and having too much fun to even want to waste time on writing tab to put on the net ; }

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