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questions about a first band


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my 2 friends john and mark want to start a band with me. the problem is, it is extremely hard for us to find a drummer. does anybody have tips on finding a drummer?? also, im not sure if my amp will be powerful enough when we get a drummer, so does anybody know if a Behringer Thunderbird BX108(15 watt practice amp) is powerful enough to be heard with drums playing? if its not, what is a low cost solution to the problem?

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A 15 watt practice amp is not going to be enough for you.


I would suggest using the search feature and you will find tons of information on what size of an amp you will need and information on what amps would be in your price range.


#1 find a drummer who can count to at least four. ( I know this sound funny but you will run into some people who attempt to play drums because they are "cool" and really have no sense of rhythm)


#2 Look for a solid drummer who doesn't think that he/she needs to play every drum and cymbal he/she has on every song


#3 find a drummer who fits with the kind of band you want to have and that fits in with the personalities of the other members.


Take your time finding a drummer by auditioning many and do not settle for anyone just because you need a drummer and they have a set of drums.


Good luck

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Ugh. Drummers. I feel for ya, man. For some reason, drummers have always been a sore spot for me. Rarely had any luck with them.


I had a cover/original band once, we were together for 3 years. We only went through 9 drummers, and not one of them died, so that's no excuse.


Just watch out for drug addicts, egomaniacs, no meter, play too load, play too soft(!). Jeez, I could go on and on...

One other thing. He wants to play drums? He can hump that shit around. Roadie yer own stuff, or get the lead vocalist to do it. lol


To startwith, look for a combo with a 15"speaker in it. Lots run about 150 watts. If it doesn't have casters, put some on it. I see lots of decent used ones for $1.25-1.50 a watt.


Good luck!


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I can totally relate. Some friends and I have put together a band and we have about 15 songs so far, but we don't have a drummer. We bought one of those electric drum machines, but it just is not sufficient.


So now we are looking for a drummer. We are going to have our first try out with a new drummer on Thursday. He used to play with our lead guitarist about 15 years ago. I don't know how much he has played since.


As I'm writing this out, I'm thinking about going over to the drummers' forum and leaving a message to see if I can find a drummer in my area looking to join a band, maybe you can do the same?


Also, I made a recent trop to the Guitar Center and noticed that their bulliten board was full of messages looking for drummers? Why are they so hard to find? Or is it that so many of them suck and good ones are hard to find? Hmmm.





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Ha! Me and my guitarist friend had to settle with a 2 month newbie for our first band! We've only had 2 practices so far, but, from what I've seen, he CAN keep a beat. He might not have technical chops, but he can hold a rhythm! so who cares?
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I just left my last band due to a lot of internal problems but I miss playing in that setting a lot so I'm writing songs and trying to get a band together. Reading this post encourages me because if a drummer is the hardest thing to find I'm pretty lucky. I have at least two great drummers to choose from, I'm actually having more trouble on the *gasp* guitarist angle. Well it doesn't help that I'm not totally sure what I'm looking for because I ahven't decided if I will be playing guitar or bass and if I will be singing, but the bigger problem seems to be that absolutely everyone thinks they can play guitar but few can play it the way I'd like them to. Well, good luck BigKahuna and everyone else.


Jah bless,


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