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Experience of Ashdown combos?

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Hi all - I am new to this forum.

I desperately need a new amp as my old Bassic Black is giving up on me. I have been browsing the internet and sending a couple of emails to music stores here in Iceland and they don't have too many things to pick from. One of the amps many pro bass players here seem to be using is Ashdown. Has any of you used it? What is it like? I can't go and try it out in stores here because it's sold out and won't come back until mid december.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


All the best


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Vidar Hrafn Steingrimsson, welcome to the Lowdown. I haven't tried the Ashdowns but I'm sure someone will jump in here sooner or later. In the meantime you could try the search feature up in the right hand corner which may help you.



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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I like Ashdown preamps a LOT. I came very close to getting what Bumpcity's got. Other cabs interest me more than theirs, however. Their smaller combos look and sound cool but I haven't got to really put the pedal to the metal with one to see how well they do when stressed.
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Hello Vidar!

I've just bought me an Ashdown amp and I'm very satisfied with the sound of it. This amp produce a clean bass-sound that's juicy!! :D

I'll come back later to this forum with a review as soon as I've gig'ed it!

But so far in the rehearselroom it's amazing!

I use it together with an Eden 2x10 cab.

So, I think you will be satisfied with a combo from Ashdown.



(another wiking) :thu:

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My personal experience with Ashdown was less positive. I bought a C110 (325watt 1 x 10"). Since I usually play DIed I hoped that would be enough but always thought I might have to buy an extension, and I did.


But even with the Mini 48 extension cab added, it was inadequate volume-wise. The 1 x 10" speaker did not cope with much bass at high volumes and the bass had to be rolled off to the point where I was just praying my pa sound was better than onstage.


When looking to replace that rig I ended up comparing SWR and Acme cabs with the Ashdowns. Both blew their cabs out of the water.


As for the amps, I guess it's personal preference but I'm much happier with the sound of my SWR Grand Prix/QSC set up than the Ashdown. Listen and make your own mind up.


I still think an Ashdown pre-amp or head (at least 575 watts, though) could be part of a nice rig, but it could be expensive and I think you could do better for the same money.


I also found having a negative experience with Ashdown was like having a bad back - suddenly you keep bumping into people with the same problem. Prior to buying Ashdown everything I read or heard about them was positive. After I decided I was disappointed I kept coming across people who either didn't like their Ashdowns or knew other players who didn't. A common complaint is the tendency of the sound to disappear in the mix.


In reading the above, be aware that lots of people love their Ashdowns - this is just one persons experience/point of view. I thought you should know that not everyone thinks they are wonderful.

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I own an Ashdown ABM300-C110 combo, and

as a stand-alone, the 10" speaker has to

work very hard and breaks up easily. But,

for my acoustic band it is a great upgrade

from my beloved SWR Baby Blue. The problem

is at the single 8 ohm speaker it is only

putting out about 150 watts, and you can

only expect so much out of a 10" driver.


However, couple it up with my Bag End S15D

or Epi T112, and it gets *very* loud with

a chest thumping presence.


You have to remember, this is a small combo,

and not meant as a stand-alone for a loud

drummer. With an extension cabinet, it

does just fine!


Phil Anderson

Tucson, AZ

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