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I just purchased a p bass body made of Koa wood.Schecter made it. I plan to match it with a moses graphite neck.Will this made be too bright? If so what do you think I should use for p bass style pick ups to get some good lows out of it. Fender 62 reissue pups?Thanks....
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i have a bartolini P pickup that has noticeably more lows than a fender P sound. of course, that won't help you cut highs.


sounds like a very cool project. i have been curious about graphite necks since i'm starting to notice a trend in how they sound to me. i feel like graphite necks on a great many different basses sound similar to me.



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I can't speak for the Moses neck, but Koa is usually considered a very even wood (not too much high, not to woofy). I'll bet it will be capable of a broad range of sounds. I'm not sure what pickup would be best...




Acoustic Color


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