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The library saves the world... AGAIN!


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I've recently found, that the library happens to not only be the best place for free books, but also the best place for free (and legit *leers at Kazaa users*) music! I wish someone would've told me about it a LONG time ago.


Today, I found a Bela Fleck and the Flecktones album there (Cosimic Hippo, I think), and I've even been lucky enough to find Weather Report's Heavy Weather in the past there. Unfortunately, my library doesn't have a great selection, but to find Bela Fleck and Weather Report albums there, I guess anything more could be asking for too much.


So here's my shout out to all the sweet bassists here that have left the library an untapped musical powerhouse, "Go to the library!!! You could find something truly amazing!!!"


Now, best of wishes on finding good albums if you take heed to my announcement, and good night to all!

In Skynyrd We Trust
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I have the good fortune of living in one of the 3 best library towns in the county. They have The Flecktones "Outbound". And lots of other great stuff. Certainly there are holes in the collection, but it's a great resource.


Videos as well.... but I use recorded books more than anything else.




Acoustic Color


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Gotta love the Library! I love it because I can find music that I would normally never listen to and artists I've never heard of. It's all free, in the no cash outlay sense of the word. And in the event that I'm looking for something special that's at a location accross town, they will inter-library loan it to the location I want to use. The library is also a great source for video entertainment for the kids - 5 days, no cash (and you can borrow that educational crap too, in case they tire of the Muppets and would rather watch 8 hours of PBS).


If I like it, I save it into Media Player and listen to it at work (poor home computer can't handle it).


Recent good finds:

The Funky 16 Corners; Stanley Clarke's Bass-ic Collection; Bela & the Flecktones, Live Art; The Five Blind Boys From Alabama, Deep River... the list could go on.

- Matt W.
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