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New springs and strings


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and now my bass sounds different!


Here's the lowdown:


I busted the D string the other day. The strings were DR High-Beams, had been boiled once and endured many hours of abuse.


The output of the J-style p'ups was always low on the bridge side. P'ups were mounted on rubber pads and had limited vertical adjustment, so I replaced the foam with springs. Now The bridge p'up is finally making the funk it ought to.


I didn't have any other stainless roundwounds on hand, so I put on some D'Addario Half-Flats that had been retired after just a few hours because I didn't like the tone.


Well, long story still too dang long, I like the half-flats just fine now, they are awefully slick for fast 16th notes, and the bass has a completely different sound. And replacing the foam with springs was a good choice.

- Matt W.
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what other kind of spring is there?


All my Pickups have a peice of foam rubber type stuff under them that acts like a spring.

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Sorry - I didn't mean to cast doubts - I was just curious.


There are millions of different kinds of springs. I was mainly curious if they were metal with a non-conductive coating.




Acoustic Color


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These are plain-old harware store, zinc plated springs. The thought crossed my mind that there could be conductivity problems, but the cavities are painted with shielding and the springs aren't touching anything metallic on the p'up.


So far, no zaps in the picking hand, and I will keep an ear open for unpleasant noises.


Last night I had more time to play. I can't believe what I was missing from the bridge p'up. But these half-flats are very different, too bright for now. We'll see how they break in.


The next step is drilling and adding string ferrules so I can string through the body, and with that a possible change to a Hipshot bridge, like Carvin uses.


Maybe we need a "Show & Tell" section for "lookey what I did" and "hear my recording" threads... hmm.

- Matt W.
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The foam I had in my main player was mostly permanently compressed, so I couldn't get much adjustable movement out of it. Found some springs that were part of a valve repair kit in the hardware store. One spring per pickup, each sitting in the middle of the pickup.


Man, it's nice to have easy control of the tilt and height of the pickups again. Much better than the foam. I'm always tweakin' that bass, so no fuss, no muss pickup adjustments were necessary for me.

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