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techical workbook


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I'm a new bass player but not a new musician. All beginner bass books I've found teach more about music than fingers and chops (that's good, just not for me).

I'm just wondering if there's a good exercise book, or just good exercises that someone can recommend.


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There are a lot of good exercises you can do over scale and mode forms if you let your imagination be your guide. It's not too tough to dig up (on the 'net) some scale charts.


I practice ascending and descending two-octave scales in all 7 modes at two or three tempos, pushing a little faster each week, as my default workout. Then I'll do ascending thirds over a scale form like this:


C scale

C - E - D - F - E - G - F - A etc.


That gets to be quite the head game when I do it in other modes!


I change up tempos, sometimes doing 2 beats with my right hand per note with my left, sometimes more, if I want to focus more on right hand than left for that day.


Also, to work on both reading and technique, I dug through my stack of piano books and found my Hanon Virtuoso Pianist exercises book and have begun on that. Whew, it's a workout. It will also help your reading skills. You can find it here:

Hanon Virtuoso Pianist 60


I'm sure there are a number of other great books that will give you a good workout. Ed Freidland is a well-respected author, and Joe di Bartolo's (sp) "Serious Electric Bassist" book has been sitting on my own shelf for too long; time to break that one out again! Good luck to you.

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