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Labgruppen rules


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Yesterday evenening I had a rehearsal with my band and I played through a Labgruppen ip900 (bridged 900W into 4 ohm).


I've never cut through like this before. And the e-string kicked ass as!


I'm sold...

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sweet willie clued me in to those amps. they look pretty incredible in just about every way except cosmetics. i think they cost somewhere between a boatload and a minor fortune on this side of the atlantic, however. lucky you that you live in Holland and get to play through that amp.



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I would love to try one...and own one!!!


Here\'s the link to info about their lightweight fP series. :thu:


Ultrasound Rehearsal Studios in NYC use lab.gruppen amps for bass power in their rehearsal studios.


Here\'s the link to their standard bass equipment. :eek:


I think some of our NYC Lowdowners have played in these studios and have experienced lab.gruppen. (music-man and BenLoy come to mind.)





Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

Messiaen knew how to parlay the funk.

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I also tried the fP3400 model. Our soundguy has a complete labgruppen PA rack (with 6 monsters...), so it is quit easy to try something.


The sound quality, the clearness, tightness, cut through was equal between the two (iP900 vs fP3400). Of course the fP3400 had a little more punch, but at reasonable volumes the difference was smaller than the price difference would suggest and I would have expected.


During the session we also compared the Lab with a QSC 1202 and with the my Eden Wt400.


I never realized how big a difference the amplifier would be. Of course in the volume you can produce, but far mor surprised I was in the different soundqualities at equal volumes.


I'm totally sold for Lab.

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