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making your bass talk

a boy named sue

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I just went to a course with speach pathologist giving some advice on public speaking. It's all bass stuff! Dynamics, tone....
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Well, I have a degree in public speaking and agree with you to an extent, but I find that it's about all music performance. But, in order to have a good speach, you have to have solid foundation in your points and examples and well defined and concise delivery, which would define a bass player.
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My bass tutor constantly refers to speech when looking at how to approach different bass lines.


He compares simple scalar progressions to speaking in a quiet, methodical, smooth and serious manner.


Playing arpeggio sequences can be seen as akin to talking in a more lively and energetic way.


And by making intelligent use of chromatic non-chordal wrong notes you can end up with a more interesting, animated and persuasive conversation.


He makes his point by changing his voice as he explains. And as he keeps saying, the real skill for the bass player is to use the correct way of speaking at the appropriate place and time.


And like some others on this board, he encourages us to sing the lines we play. If we relate what we play to our voices, it helps our own understanding of the point we are trying to make with our instrument.


Works for me





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