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Blues Bass Solos


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Could you recommend me CD's that has bass solos over Bluses progression. I haven't found any and everytime I've got to go to a set and jam, everybody plays 12 bar blues. Once I get my turn to solo, I kind of bulshit. I really like to listen to some solos. Thanks.
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welcome a board. see my post of few weeks ago.




I've had besides my teacher sessions two sessions with the guitarplayer of my band. furthermore i've been listening to walter troub, robben ford, Mr. Vaughn etc. I've been looking at an instructional video of Robben Ford. And I'm practising with my keyboard a lot...


i'm progressing....

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Originally posted by danb291:

Listen to the Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin. Then sit back and smile knowing you have just heard bass godliness.

Of course, we know that song was written by Howlin' Wolf and "borrowed" by Led Zep. He sued Led Zep for copyright infringements, and received a generous settlement out of court.



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Hrm. The one that comes to mind is a local band called Lou Thunder and the Rainmakers. They haven't put out a new CD, but their bass player is phemonimal, does killer solos in the blues format.


As for mainstream blues bass solos, I'd have to consult with my bass player for his favs and get back to you.

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If you want to get just a little more adventurous there's a solo my Mingus on "Crying Blues" (second track on the "Blues and Roots" album). It makes nice play with some jazz-blues cliches, and from memory not a lot of pyrotechnics so you won't need to be a chops monster to play some of the runs. You need to watch because the harmonic structure isn't a straightforward blues, but you might pick up some nice ideas that could be used on a more conventional blues structure.
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posted 10-21-2003 09:17 AM

--------------------------------------------------Listen to guitar solos, not bass solos.


Actually I tried doing that. I listened to Scott Henderson and he's a guy playing killer grooves on blues scales. His keyboardist is also quite a inspiration for study. Yet, I wish I had some material to listen to played by the bassists. Now, I've got to try n find the songs you have recommended. Thank you all for your comments. Appreciate it! :)
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posted 10-21-2003 09:43 AM


I have what may very well be the baddest blues bass solo ever recorded sitting on my hard drive.


If you want I can E-mail it to you as an attachment. Just let me know.


I'd post it but it's not my work.

Thank you. Could you e-mail me that pls. I have no problem with attachment size. So send me all. my e-mail is upula@a61.com.sg
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