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amps... flat


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I just finished recording a cd with a rock group and i was playing a 1990 warwick thumb neck-through passive with all the controls up and a completely flat mix of the pickups totally direct with no equing. The sound is the fattest, warmest, and liveliest tone i have ever heard; the frequencies sit perfectly with the band and the character of my fingers comes out, also nuances such as finger placement and attack come out much stronger. Now I am on a quest for an amp that can let my bass speak with its character, not the amps, with the controls flat. I understand that live sound deals more with the acoustics of a room and live variables than a direct signal, but seriously you guys help your bass bretheren.
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Originally posted by HypnoBassMan:

I just went to the Acme Bass web site. Very interesting. I'm wondering if there is anyone on the forum that has played through one.


Da HypnoBassMan

Check this thread.
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