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How do you make the switching for parallel/series for a Precision pup?

Iceman Irwin

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Hi guys. Well this is one of my few posts but I just want to ask if anyone knows how to wire a P for series/parallel switching?


My friend got the wiring for parallel fine but when I switch to series mode, only the upper pickup of the P is working.


My only reference here is a wiring diagram from seymour duncan and dimarzio which are both intended for humbuckers. Well, it was configured to use a 3-way toggle switch (on-off-on) intended to make the switching as Parallel-Split-Series.


The parallel works fine, the split shuts it off and the series is 50% correct (you know only the top pup is working).




Any tips or suggestions from you guys would definitely help. Any sites where I might get some schematics?


Thanks in advance...


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Try here:



There may be something on this site to help.

- Jon


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I think the first mistake was getting a 3-way switch, since you don't want "split" mode with that kind of pickup in the first place. (It's not that kind of humbucker; split is for something like a Musicman humbucker. This may also be why series is wired incorrectly: you're working from a diagram for a different kind of pickup.)


I'm assuming your P pickup is the split-coil, "dog-leg" humbucker (the most common kind on a P bass).


I should think the simplest thing would be to get a push/pull volume pot (available from www.stewmac.com & other places, probably from a local tech even) & wire it according to a proper diagram for the kind of pickup that you actually have. That way, when the volume knob is down you're in series & when it's up you're in parallel. Easy squeezy.

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