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virgin bassist


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I found that Dale Titus' video series has some good stuff to offer, but what was more helpful was simply practice.


Learn to read music first (if you don't know already), then try to play along with CDs or records. Or try making up some of your own grooves.


But mainly, just play. Slapping seemed the most awkward thing for me in my first half year of playing. However, the first time I was playing loose and relaxed, I found my springy wrist.


This was after playing nearly 4 hours one Saturday, I believe, and therefore all I can say is to play, play some more, play with music and without (written or CD), play with other people, and just enjoy all this playing!





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As much as I don't like tab, read tab, it is what got me started. www.basstabarchive.com is a pretty good website for that stuff. I definitely recommend reading music. Lessons are also a good way to get started. Lessons keep you from having to unlearn bad technique later on. PLAY PLAY PLAY PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!



Still working on it...

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Listen to everything, all styles.


Now that you are a bass player, ignore all the distracting vocals, lyrics, guitars, etc. and concentrate on hearing the bass lines.


Try to copy the ones that sound easier to you.


Buy bass magazines and read the articles.


All bass books have useful information in them. Buy a few and see what you can learn from them.


Have fun and welcome to wonderful world of bass playing.


You won't be a virgin long if you hang around with us! :D

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Originally posted by bb1chiquita:


It's called the EDIT button, and its the little Pencil and Paper next the QUOTE button.


Use it. :D


Welcome to the Lowdown

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