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Hartke VX cabinets


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Hello everyone, I have a Hartke 3500 head and right now I am thinking of buying some reliable cabinets as my old speaker (15 inch - 400 Watt) in my self made cabinet is wearing off. I recently found out that Hartke VX series cabinets (115 and 410) are handling big power and are the cheapest in their class. These cabinets have standard paper (not alu) speakers. I am seriously thinking of buying one of them. Potentially VX 410 would be better to go with my old 15. But the price is so surprising I do not know if the VX series is reliable. If anyone tested them or has an opinion on VX series I would appreciate any comments. Peace, Gegoryweli
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what type of music are you planning on playing with it?

What is your price range?

What kinda bass(es) do you have?

Any other specifics would be helpful.


I don't know how much the Hartke's are, but I haven't ever heard anything bad about the cabs. I wasn't too impressed with the amps though.


My recommendation would be an Avatar B115H.


Welcome to the Lowdown. :wave:

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Hey guys,

So my guitar is Jazz Bass 1976 with flatwound strings, my music is afro/jazz/experimental rock, and the price for which I can order Hartke VX 410 here in Poland is around 400 $. In my self-made cabinet I use Kappa 15 by Eminence. Any comments on VX series please....


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