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yamaha BB1000MA

Helge Lund

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I just found these reviews for you.


Harmony Central


It looks like Yamaha had their BB3000 bass built for them in Taiwan and the result was the BB1000


I've always liked the BB series of Yahaha basses, but of course have never owned one.


I'm not too crazy about Taiwanese basses.


So there you have it.

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I owned a basic BB 4-string bass, made in Taiwan. It's not really comparable, since it's in the entry-level range, but I'll say that it'd be damn hard to beat that bass in its range, for quality & features. But I guess that probably doesn't help much...sorry...aside from reporting a good experience with some Taiwanese BB model.
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I have a 1987 BB300, and a 2001 RBX765A 5 string. Both made from the same factory in Taiwan. No problems with either bass. Thy're much better than most people give them credit for IMHO.


The BB300's an entry level P style bass, and the RBX is a nice, pro quality 5 string that's as good as anything costing a few hundred more clams (originally MSRP'd at about $730, got a steal at clearance time for $311!)

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Ooops...forgot to say that I did have a chance to try the BB1000MA, the same day I got my five string. Definitely right up the alley if you want Michael Anthony's tone, or want something different from the classic PJ bass. It's a very hot sounding instrument, though you can tame it by backing off on the tone and volume controls. Others may also like it if the 3000MA's neck thru design isn't to their liking.


Definitely a fine bass.

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I love my BB1500A. I received an unbelievable deal on it too. Honestly, Yamaha really surprised me, and I would have no reservations about their Taiwanese models. My Yammie is a professional instrument.



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I have a BB5000 (5 string) from the early '90s. It is a very well made instrument and guess where it was made? Taiwan.

There's a big jump in prices in Australia on American made instruments. I don't think the difference is worth the extra dollars.

Aussies, check out Belman basses from Victoria. I played three down at the Bass Centre and was very impressed. Top gear for under $3K.


Go the Wallabies.

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