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guitarless metal and hardcore band

Fear of Napalm

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I'm not sure how many of you would be interested but considering you are all musicians and bass players you might appreciate some of these bands who play metal and hardcore and have two or more bass players and no guitars.


MAN IS THE BASTARD - heavy, sludgy hardcore with a lot of experimentation. Three bass players, drums and electronics.http://www.prisonradio.org/audio/mumia/man_is_the_bastard/bastard_15.mp3



Thrones - Features Joe Preston from The Melvins. Bass, electronics, Drum Machine.





PAINKILLER - Bill Laswell, Mick Harris & John Zorn. Crazy improve sax, bass and drums. Whacky grindcore/jazz fusion.







Lo-fi Bass and Drums. Fast hardcore type stuff.


SEIZED from Canada. I cant find too much on the web from them. But killer, slow moving sludgy hardcore.

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Sorry for resurecting a dead thread for my first post but you guys hace to hear "lightning bolt". . .they are a two piece drum and bass. here is a video i put on my web space.




Those other bands mentioned also all rule, Im a big man is the bastard fan. Maybe youve heard of suppresion? they did alot of stuff just bass and drums too. Ever heard that "east/west blast test" ? I havent but have heard its pretty cool . .

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We have lead bass, rhythm bass, and bass bass.... and our amps go to eleven.

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