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A cliche turned inside out is...

george costanza

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...Dang! Still a cliche!


A recent bout (& folks, I'm down for the count ;) ) of pop music listening has caused

me to ponder the power of the most basic group of harmonies in European-derived music.


Any of the following (& more) will rouse in most of us deep memories and all of these have been "hits"; some last week, some 500 years ago.


(1) I-VIm-IV-V [repeat ad nauseam]

(2) I-V-VIm-IV [repeat; add nausea]

(3) VI-V-I-IV [petite ala Nassau]

(4) VIm-IV-V-I [replete w/adnoidals]


Or we could put them all together :rolleyes: :



[ I-VIm-IV-V




Coda: IV-I-V-VIm

repeat & fade ]

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