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looping pedals


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Honestly, I'm not sure.


I would definitely try sending a "private message" to forum member Max Valentino, who is an experienced "looper" and seems very knowledgeable about his tools.


I'm sure he will pop up on this thread at some point, anyway, and offer some information and suggestions.


It sounds like you've already done a search and thus have probably read some of his posts about looping from past threads.


Good luck!



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I did a search and found the loopers delight website and read some of the reviews that were available. i guess if it come down to it and I wasn't worried about the cost I would go with the Boss RC20. Some of the features sound great, but that's alot of money to spend on something I don't even know I will use. Anyone out there have an old one they would like to get rid of?! :P


I guess it's time I got that second job so I can afford the GAS pains...

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I use a Boss Loopstation, and a Line 6 Delay Modeler which has a fourteen second sampler as well as the sixteen delay programmes.

The Boss is a great pedal, but not perfect for live sound on sound recording, the layers don't mush, but the timing issues can be a bit tricky to master. The boomerang and Gibsons echo-plex excel here, but the cost reflects that.

I have a Loopstation recorded sample as background music on our band webpage.

It's around six layered clean guiars with a few effects thrown in, recorded straight from my Boss onto my pc, and onto the site! Follow the link below and just let the page load to hear the loop play.

As I said, it is an excellent pedal, the ten memory banks and mic input are most useful. I use it in lots of tunes, from voice samples to synth effects, highly recommended. Also it's great as a practice pedal, allowing you to jam with yourself and find new ideas, even providing a beat to keep you in time!

It may take a little longer to save for, but it will be worth it, whatever you do go for, Good Luck, Tea :thu:

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I actually just got home from a slew of little looping gigs in Northern Cali, just to find this thread.


I do quite a bit of bass looping. I have tried a number of the devices out there and they range from cheap(z-vex) to affordable (Line 6, Boss, Boomerang) to ridiculously expensive (Eventide).


What is generally considered the Rolls-Royce of looping device is the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro. A bit pricey, but this box does so much more than simple sample and loop...far too much to go into here, but I suggest checking www.loopers-delight.com for more detailed info.


I have a Line 6,among other looping devices, and it is great fun and very

easy to use, good sample rate (44.1kHz) and the 14 sec. memory canbe stretched to 28 sec (without really effecting the sound quality) by the half-time/double time mode.

Small and easy to use, it also has some very cool delay models, which are great fun also.


The Boss LoopStation has some very cool features incl. an undo mode as well as the abiltiy to store your loops, yet the interface is not totally intuitive;

the switches are small, and then there are those pesky RCA jacks.......

I found it to not be very "live application"-friendly.


A number of bassists are using the Boomerang, which is also very affordable and quite simple to use.


Ohters are making great use of the Akai Headrush.


The thing to remember is that looping can go so far beyond the paradigm of "recording a rhythm part and soloing over it". In my own performance I try to interact with the loops, adjusting, replacing,running parallel loops, fading and muting loops into arrangements, and blending the loops into my own playing, hopefully seamlessly, to make the distinction bewteen what is loopoed and what is being played a bit blurry.


Quite a few bassist, as well as gtrists, have taken to looping of late. A partail list: Steve Lawson,Michael Manring, Mike Dimin, Victor Wooten, Ed Friedland, Max Valentino, Stomu Takeishi, Mark Dresser,Doug Wimbish, Scott Khunga Drengsen, David Torn, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, etc etc..


For recommendations: look at your budget and then at what is available. The discern how steep a learning curve you will have

to adjust to (Line 6, Boomerand and Headrush are very simple to operate, the Boss a bit steeper..and the EDP, Electrix Repeater and the Eventide stuff are really deep).


And,of course,you can e-mail me with any questions.....



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