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Good Evening All,


I came here today and was surprised to not see any talk of the new Primus album released yesterday, especially given the fuss it caused when it was announced (note, I looked through the first two pages of posts and did not see anything, so I am assuming nothing has been discussed). I'm sure many of you have heard the album and have thoughts on it and I'd love to hear them. Being that I have been a Primus fan for a very long time (having bought the last four albums on their release day), I have to say my reaction to this one was much different than the others. In the case of Punchbowl, Brown Album, etc., I found that each album really had to grow on me before I enjoyed it very much. This album, contrary to many opinions I have heard, appealed to me instantly. I think the tunes all groove pretty well, have a high level of energy, have a range of dynamics (something not usually found on Primus albums), and also seem to have been mixed at a higher volume to produce a larger sound than other primus discs. As far as the quality of songs, I think it is necessary to remember that this is essentially a "jam" album, recorded over a single weekend or something to that effect. Any other thoughts, either on the album or on the DVD content?



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I would definetely like to get it.


*HINT* Christmas present for Phil now... start saving up guys...PM me for my address! lol :D

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