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Robert Randolph & the Family Band

orphan wells

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Have you heard these guys yet! I just got their CD tonight after seeing them on Conan O'Brian the other night. I have to say, It the best CD I have purchased all year! They have a guy by the name of Danyel Morgan on bass and he is just killer. I can't say enough good things about this band. I'll try to describe the sound real quick. Well, first keep in mind the Robert plays steel guitar. Take Stevie Ray Vaughn with Stevie Wonder rhythms. Add a little Sly and the Family crossd with Earth, Wind, and Fire. Add a mess of southern rock and New Orleans then you might have some idea. Kind of a Stanly Clarke thing on bass, BTW. I just wanted to give credit to a great band. Check them out if you get a chance.
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I've had the CD for a couple of weeks now. It's smokin'. While in some ways there really isn't anything new on the CD (it's a blend of funk, blues, R&B, and gospel), it still sounds fresh to me, and vibrant. :thu:


Will-bass started another thread about their performance on VH-1 earlier this evening. I missed it, but I'm sure it'll be re-broadcast at least 4 or 5 more times this week! :eek::D



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i'm going to the show in tuscaloosa on 11.01, so i won't be going to tallahassee two days earlier. that saves me about seven hours of driving, round trip. you wanna drive three hours to see them in t-town? i'll be there with a bunch of people.



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I saw'em when they came thru Columbia Maryland for the Sprite Liquid mix tour, i missed most of their set (they had a basketball court set up outside and I couldn't resist), but from what I seen/heard they was pretty good.. I brought the CD, but it didn't grab me


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