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How important are power ratings important?


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How important is it that the power rating of an amp matches the power rating of the cabinet? is it ok to go over, and if so, when is it too much?


Also I have a question about impedance: if there are two 8 ohm cabinets hooked up to an amp rated 700w@4ohm then do both cabinets receive 700w?

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OK, you do not have to exactly match your amp's power rating with your cabs' power handling. Usually it's good to have some extra headroom, and have an amp provide more power than what your cabs are rated for.


If your amp is rated for 700W RMS into 4 ohms, and you have to 8 ohm cabs connected in parallel, your overall rig impedance will be 4 ohms and each cab will theoretically receive 350W. If you used that head with a single 4 ohm cab, that cab would receive 700W.


Try doing a "search" for "impedance" and you will find lots of discussion about these and related issues. Here's a thread to get you started: The truth about impedance?????





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