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OT: Strapping Young Lad new CD - "SYL"


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I've been a fan of Devin Townsend since the Steve Vai album Sex and Religion came out. I really enjoy The Devin Townsend band's most current cd Accelerated Evolution. Tonight I bought SYL, the latest offering from Devin's other band/project, Strapping Young Lad.


Uhhhh... holy brutal sonic attacks Batman!! This album is absolutely punishing. If you are at all into metal, you are doing yourself an incredible disservice if you do not own this brilliant piece work. Super fast drum work, shredding guitars, none-more-heavy bass, and Devin screaming his fool head off. I think Kerrang! magazine summed this album up best:


"SYL is the sound of Armageddon - a timeless metal theme in itself - in all its explosive, planet-levelling glory. Devin Townsend's quest to twist the chaos theory into new musical dimensions continues unabated. SYL is metal at its purest."

- Kerrang!


Indeed. After a good listening on the hi-fi, you'll find yourself both wanting some mercy and wanting some more.

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I'm a big fan of Heavy Devin's work, the man has great insight on how to make great balanced and more importantly original music. SYL, his solo projects and producer's work all display the level of his creativity really well. His overall sound is quite easily recognizable, and the little things, the subtle movements he incorporates into his songs just makes you want to do this --> :thu: .

Pure aural excitement :cool: !




PS. A word of warning - Strapping Young Lad's music is quite far from "easy listening" and should only be consumed under the correct conditions in order to avoid possible brain-clipping... :D

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My friend bought SYL (the album) I was blown away at how true of a metal album it was, Townsend is a genious, he's got a nice "skullet" too, adding to the mystique i guess. Really brutal stuff I have to pick it up

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