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New Sting album


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Hey all,


Is there anyone out there who has bought or heard the new sting album? If so, what is your opinion? I'm sort of low on cash right now so I don't want to buy it if it is not worth it.


Thanks in advance.


Jah bless,


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Yes! Bought it last week. If you like Sting you'll like this. But its a grower. Usual immaculate playing, some great songs, but, at least on my 'Special Edition' version, there is an appalling dance remix near the end! However, there is also a beautiful version of 'Shape of my Heart' from the 'All This Time' sessions, which makes up for it.
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How'd you get the "special addition"? :(


Yeah, I got the new album "Sacred Love" last tuesday when it came out in the states. I'm the biggest Sting fan that I know, but I'm having a really difficult time attempting to like this album. It's definitely a continuation of the "Brand New Day" (Sting's last studio album) vibe, but even more "Desert Rose"-ish. And I really hated that song. Probably my least favorite song on the album, but for some reason the rest of the world seemed to like it. Anyway, so far I'm not diggin' this album as much as "Brand New Day," which I don't dig nearly as much as "Mercury Falling" (a criminally underrated album IMHO) or "Ten Summoner's Tales" which in my book is Sting's masterpiece. "Sacred Love" isn't a *bad* album, but so far it's just not doing it for me. I'm really hoping that it's a "grower."


A couple observations:

1) The bass parts on most of this album don't really "stand out." I hardly noticed the bass on my first couple listens. The bass lines are definitely "for the song," which is not unusual for Sting's material, but this time around it seems even more true.


2) Where's the odd-meter song??? This is the first album in a long time that Sting hasn't included at least one 7/8 or 7/4 or 5/8 or 9/8 song. I miss that. I was looking forward to a new one. Some of my Sting favorites are odd-meter: "Love is Stronger than Justice," "St. Augustine in Hell," "Seven Days," "I Hung My Head," "I Was Brought to My Senses"... none of that here. :(


3) "Send Your Love," the first single off the album and the song you've likely heard on the radio (if you listen to the radio), is one of the weaker songs on the album. It was probably released as the first single because it sounds the most like "Desert Rose." Big whoop.


4) If you generally like Sting's material, buy the album. You might hear something that I don't. In any case, Sting at his worst is still better than 90% of what's floating around in the cultural mainstream.

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