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Coolest Gig of (my) life!!

freddy bloggs

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I'm playing bass for Roger Daltrey in December at a benefit for the Fullfillment Fund in LA. We did it last year, all WHO tunes, Zak Starkey on drums, Simon Townshend & Johnny Lang on guitar & Gerard McMann on Keys.

We did some classics, Baba O'Reilly, Who are you, Won't get Fooled Again, Blue Eyes, Kids are Allright. Those are some bad ass funkyrockin' bass parts YOW!!

Anyway, just could'nt keep it to myself this year.... :cool:

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yep. A dream gig. Once in a lifetime, and you get it twice.


Do you feel the slightest bit of weird, playing Entwhistle lines for Roger? I would.


And, does he hang with you guys and rehearse, is he close or distant?

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I played with Townshend once. Fred Townshend. Runs a garage here in town. Plays a mean harp...


That was right after I was invited to dinner at the White House with the Clintons. Larry and Grace Clinton, they own the white house on the corner.


All fun aside...man...what a gig!!! Enjoy! And if you get the flu that night, I'm sure anyone here would be more than happy to cover for ya...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Most excellent! That's gotta be a fun gig.


Just curious, when you rehearsed last year, is anyone really strict about the exactness of the music, or are you allowed to do your own thing, keeping with the spirit of the music?

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Roger's totally cool, he came in for the last 2 days of rehearsal, which was basically just a run thru on each day.

I was definitely a bit nervous to begin with, but once we plugged in, it was just like a regular gig, except the power of the songs is,...well, overpowering. The intro to "Won't get Fooled Againn" just f**ks your head up no matter how many times you hear it.

I should also mention that the keyboard player Gerard is one my best mates & we've done loads of gigs together so as surreal as it was on some level it was also like jamming with your pals.

Zak & Simon were really nice, totally laid back & they said they "never play it the same way twice so just play wotever you like!!"

Of course, me being so into the parts as per the recorded versions i wanted to play it just like Entwhistle.

Anyway, gotta go practise....


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Two heapin' helpings of hot, steamin' envy served up right here! :P:D


Congrats on the 'Dream Gig' Rascquel! Wish i could be there! :thu:

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